Urban Transformation Studio

Round the Bend

Through a multi-scalar approach to industry collaboration and the development of public open space, Fishermans Bend will serve as a benchmark for sustainable urban renewal. The Fishermans Bend metro station will serve as a catalyst…

Melbourne City North Precinct Renewal

The CBD North masterplan aims to create a true CBD centre around RMIT University and the future State Library Station. The plan involves a new metro station below Swanston street, two upgraded tram stops and…

The Arden Urban Renewal Project

The Arden precinct will be a distinctive polycentric city and a vibrant and diverse place for living, working and recreating, shaped by community values and world-class urban renewal practice.
E Gate / West Melbourne
Flagstaff / Victoria Market
GMH Site (UoM Engineering)
Kensington / Macaulay
North Melbourne (Formally Arden)
Parkville / Haymarket
State Library / RMIT