Project Year


Team members

Valerie Wong


Natalia Wojczys

Urban Planner

Ramon Joseph Seastres

Sustainable Building

The Arden Urban Renewal Project

The Arden precinct will be a distinctive polycentric city and a vibrant and diverse place for living, working and recreating, shaped by community values and world-class urban renewal practice.

The Arden Precinct has been designed as a mixed use development in the heart of North Melbourne. Through the design of the civic, residential and commercial spaces as well as the public realm, the Arden Precinct aims to create a unique identity, a diverse community, a central and economic hub for people and a sustainable living laboratory.

The vibrant community center has been designed to support community activities, collaboration, creativity and entertainment for families, students as well as likeminded individuals or visitors.

Arden Central celebrates the past and the future of North Melbourne, and visitors to connect, rest, unwind and be close to each other.