Project Year


Team members

Bianka Covic

Urban Design and Planning

Alex Livermore

Urban Design and Planning

Virginia Polendakis

Interior Design

Adrian Robledo

Architect and Urban Planner

Round the Bend

Through a multi-scalar approach to industry collaboration and the development of public open space, Fishermans Bend will serve as a benchmark for sustainable urban renewal. The Fishermans Bend metro station will serve as a catalyst for a thriving district with a focus on knowledge-based activities that will drive innovation in manufacturing, design, engineering, and technology.

The Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Project, prepared by Round the Bend aims to be incorporated into Plan Melbourne and the Victorian Local and State Planning Policy Framework to guide the future development of the Fishermans Bend General Motors Site.


The vision for the Melbourne Innovation District, Plan Melbourne and the FBURP is to create a new urban hub that will be the civic, commercial and social heart that can be an exemplar for the future growth of the City of Melbourne. It will be a sustainable, pedestrianised and vibrant transit oriented destination which encourages people to shop, live, work and play.


This Project will take the GM Site at Fishermans Bend from the initial design and development of the site through to the implementation over a 10 year period, concurrent with the proposed Melbourne Metro 2. An indicative master plan will be provided that will guide the future development of the site.


The development of the Fishermans Bend site enables the FBURP to respond to the needs of the present and future of the Port Melbourne municipality and the City of Melbourne, which is examined within our vision statement. For this to occur a range of planning, urban design, transport and land use aspirations are to be achieved through the development, design implementation and financial processes, which are included within this project.